Lesson Ten



The gift of Truth excels all gifts.

Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.
Leviticus 19:11

Baha'i Faith
Beautify your tongues, O people, with truthfulness,
and adorn your souls with the ornament of honesty.



Discuss: What honesty means. Examples of how the children see honesty practiced in their daily lives. How honesty is practiced in your class. What various situations would look like without honesty. Why honesty is important.


Books that reinforce the theme of honesty
(Books can be previewed @ http://www.amazon.com)
If you don't want to purchase books, consider requesting them at your local library.

The Empty Pot By: Demi
Too Many Tamales By: Gary Soto
A Big Fat Enormous Lie By: Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
I'm Telling the Truth: A First Look at Honesty By: Pat Thomas


Activities to support theme of honesty
Remember to plan enough time for the children to help clean up after each of their activities. It's another opportunity for them to put into practice the virtues they're learning.

  1. Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
    With the children in a circle one child is designated as "It". "It" stands in the middle with their eyes closed. Those in the circle pass a small object, like a button, from person to person. You may want to use a timer and set it for about 30 seconds. When the timer goes off the child holding the button keeps it concealed in their hands. The participants should try not to give any indication of who does or doesn't have the object when "It" opens their eyes. "It" asks the various participants, "Do you have the button (or whatever the little item is)?" If the person doesn't have the button they say, "No" and "It" keeps asking until they find who has it. When the person who has the object is asked they must be truthful and say yes at which time they become "It". To add more excitement to this game use a mystery key as the object to pass around, the key could be for a small piece of luggage, diary style notebook, jewelry box, or something similar. The game is over when everyone has had a turn being "It" and then you reveal what the key is for. Open the luggage to find a fun surprise for the group (little treats, a special project or an invitation to a fun activity, etc.).


Arts and crafts Ideas
Consider printing the quote that goes with your lesson so the children can attach it to their projects.

  1. Paint Dotters Flower Pot
    This activity goes will with The Empty Pot story. Let the kids use paint dotters to paint pictures of flowering plants in a pot.

  1. The Gift of Truth Hanging Picture This project goes well with the Buddhist quote: "The gift of Truth excels all gifts." Encourage the class to bring used gift wrap, gift bags and ribbons that can be repurposed for this project. Plan to provide some extra supplies in case the kids don't bring enough. Provide large block letter stencils. There are many websites that offer free printable alphabet stencil templates. One such site is, http://www.quality-kids-crafts.com/educational-printables-alphabet-templates.html. It works well to print the stencils on card stock so the kids can easily trace around them. The kids trace and cut letters out of the gift wrap and bags and make a poster that says, "The gift of Truth excels all gifts." To make it easier for younger kids you could print the all of the words out ahead of time, and only have the children stencil the word truth. Punch a hole in the upper right and left corners of their pictures and tie a ribbon into each hole to hang the poster.
    * Similar quotes from other religions that this project works well with:
    "The gift of God to this enlightened age is the knowledge of the oneness of mankind and of the fundamental oneness of religion". Abdu'l-Baha
    Poster says Oneness

  1. Honesty Ornaments
    Have the kids make decorative ornaments to reinforce the "adorn your souls with the ornament of honesty" quote. Some ideas are to repurpose plastic bakery packages, cut out ornament shapes and decorate with permanent markers and glitter glue. Or pick up some wooden ornament shapes at a craft store and let the kids decorate them with paint, markers, fabric or glitter glue.


Snack idea
Remember to plan for hand washing or provide antibacterial wet wipes.

  1. Provide alphabet cookies and encourage the kids to spell out virtue words that they've been learning about.
  2. Tamales make a fun snack, if you read the story Two Many Tamales

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