Lesson Seven



He only is my Rock and my Salvation;
He is my Defense and my Fortress,
I shall not be moved.

Psalms 62:6

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast,
immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in
the Lord your labor is not in vain

1 Corinthians 15:58

And seek aid in steadfast patience and prayer: and this, indeed, is a hard
thing for all but the humble in spirit,

Quran 2:45 (Asad)

Baha'i Faith
Supremely lofty will be thy station,
if thou remainest steadfast in the Cause of thy Lord.


Today is the day for steadfastness and constancy.
Blessed are they that stand firm and immovable as the rock


Discuss: What steadfastness means. Examples of how the children see steadfastness practiced in their daily lives. How steadfastness is practiced in your class. What various situations would look like if people did not practice steadfastness. Why steadfastness is important.


Books that reinforce the theme of steadfastness Books that reinforce the theme of love
(Books can be previewed @ http://www.amazon.com)
If you don't want to purchase books, consider requesting them at your local library.

Papa, Do You Love Me? By: Barbara M. Jossee's


Activities to support theme of steadfastness
Remember to plan enough time for the children to help clean up after each of their activities. It's another opportunity for them to put into practice the virtues they're learning.

  1. Freeze Tag
    A variation of tag where if a player is tagged they do not become 'it' but must stay frozen in place. They remain frozen until an untagged player touches them and then they are back in the game.


Arts and Crafts Ideas

  1. Rock Painting
    Let the kids paint big rocks that could be used as decorations outside, or smaller rocks that could be used as paper weights.

  1. Hot Rock Coloring
    Heat smooth rocks in an over at apx 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Take them out with pot-holders and set them on thick mats of newspaper to work on. The kids color them with crayons while they are warm so the crayons melt onto the rocks. This is really fun but make sure the kids are old enough to understand how not to burn themselves on the rocks while they are hot.

  2. Mosaic Fortress To reinforce the lesson on Psalm 62:6
    Give the kids a large pile of colored paper squares all the same size. The kids can use glue sticks to glue them on a poster to make a mosaic fortress poster. While the kids are working on their projects talk about how a fortress is a source of protection.
    Consider printing the quote that goes with your lesson so the children can attach it to their projects.


"The wise man Built His House Upon a Rock"


Snack Ideas
Remember to plan for hand washing or provide antibacterial wet wipes.

  1. Graham Cracker Fortresses
    The kids can build little fortresses out of graham crackers by using homemade frosting as the glue. Make frosting out of powdered sugar and just enough water to make it spreadable. Add a few drop of vanilla to make it more flavorful. The fortresses will make a delicious snack with a glass of frosty milk for dipping.

  2. Fortress Cake
    Nordic Ware makes a Castle Bundt Pan. It's fun to let the kids decorate the castle with frosting, candy, ice-cream cones for the spires, and chocolate rocks. Blue frosting can surround the cake for a moat and graham crackers can be a draw bridge. Flags with inspirational words can be attached to toothpicks inserted in the spires. You can Google "Nordic Ware Castle" to see examples. The pan can be found @ www.amazon.com/ I've found that a pound cake recipe works best as it's more sturdy for decorating.

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